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As one of Australia’s leading designers and installers of residential, commercial solar and battery systems, we understand what it takes to enable families and businesses to achieve a more sustainable renewable energy future.

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Solar Solutions And Packages

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Residential Solar Solutions

WA residential electricity prices will continue to increase each year. Solar systems from Empower Solar Australia can generate up to 90% of your power needs and achieve significant savings on your electricity bills.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

The link between usual business hours and solar energy generation means that commercial systems can provide businesses with 80% to 100% of their daytime energy needs, maximising the benefits of your solar system.

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Solar Panel Packages

As every household and business has a unique consumption, one-on-one consultation is essential before we design, select and propose the best system for your energy needs.

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Battery storage gives you greater control of your energy usage and reduces your reliance on the grid. Empower Solar Australia can provide a complete solar and storage package to fully power your home and electric vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

The growth of Electric Vehicles is creating demand for convenient, residential charging options for EV owners. Empower Solar Australia recognised this earlyon and is now installing EV chargers for both residential and commercial customers, with two charging stations also installed at our Canning Vale HQ in Perth.

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Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems are a very popular and highly efficient product. They use renewable energy to heat your water making it extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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Pool Heating

We install high-performance pool and spa inverter heat pumps that provide year-round pool heating with the lowest running costs when combined with solar. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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We have extensive knowledge and experience of Off -Grid systems, no matter what the requirements are, we are capable of installing these stand-alone energy solutions.

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Why Choose Us

Benefits To You

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Protect The Environment

The average household emits approximately 20 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year. By installing a solar system, a typical two-person household reduces their carbon emissions by three to four tonnes annually.

Invest In The Future

Not only does switching to solar energy offer immediate savings, it also provides peace of mind knowing that your power bill won’t fluctuate with unpredictable electricity increases over time.

Great ROI

You will achieve lower energy bills and receive electricity credits from surplus solar generation, with the average WA household paying off the system in three to four years. You can expect a 500% return on investment over 20 years.

Minimise Grid Reliance With Battery Storage

Solar batteries allow you to store much of the electricity your panels generate meaning your reliance on the grid could be as low as 5%. A well-designed solar and battery storage system will have a payback period of around 5 years.


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See What Our Clients Are Saying


“Very satisfied with my recent installed Tesla Powerwall2, and feels great for doing my part for lesser carbon footprint, and best of all, huge benefit with savings the energy bill for years to come. After installed, my home is practically self-powered efficient, on sunny day condition of course. Credit goes to Kimba Isopo, the senior consultant from Empower Solar Perth. She took care of the entire application process and kept me informed of the progress. She is very helpful with all my questions and request, so everything went smoothly. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase of Tesla Powerwall2!”

Ambrose Perth, WA

“From the quote to the installation, we have been very happy with the services.The sales rep made our decision an easy one. The installation team were great. They arrived early and had the panels installed by lunchtime. We were given all the information on how the system works, and what to do if we have any problems. All in all a great company and we would highly recommend Empower Solar to friends and family. Thank you all so much”

Lorraine Perth, WA

“Really impressed with the service from Empower. Josh our sales guy was great, helped us pick the right system for us. Good price, and the install team were fantastic. Very professional, neat job, polite and sweet with our young kids. Have us some good tips too for us to get the most out of our new system. Have already recommended them to our friends”

James Perth, WA