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Installing solar panels on a residential home can help reduce your power bills by up to 80% with an average return on investment of 2-4 years.

As one of Australia’s leading solar retailers for renewable energy solutions.

Our range of solar system options are designed and optimised with Tier-1 panels to ensure you will only get the best quality systems for your home, ensuring the right choice to reduce your bills.

Empower Solar Australia will analyse your bills and usage to make sure you acquire the best solution for your home with the best products and savings.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Having an Electric Vehicle Charger installed at your home doesn’t only benefit you, but it benefits the lifespan of your EV too.

Our recommended solution for your electric car is our range of advanced EV Charging stations. With your home’s own dedicated AC EV chargers hardwired to your home, you can take full advantage of your home’s solar system set-up to maximise your savings and increase the range of your vehicle by 40-100km per hour of charging (depending on the EV model).

This will provide significant savings with the fuel cost savings covering upfront costs within the first few years.

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Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are much cheaper and more effective than your normal conventional electric/gas system. With constant energy price rises, this will protect you from having to pay more in the future.

You will never have to worry about running out of hot water again as the Hot Water System will provide ample water 24/7. The hot water system will heat the water, only once during the day, and maintain the temperature until the following day.

The benefit of this for you and your family is constant hot water at a minimal cost.

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Pool Heating

This is one of the most popular pieces of pool heating hardware in Australia.

It is a practical and efficient way to take advantage of the money you spend on your pool as you will extend the swimming months to all year round and have that perfect temperature. Pool heating is not only something that will enable greater use of your pool but it provides further relaxation time. Hopping in that warm water is just the tonic to relieve that day-to-day stress.

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Solar Batteries are simply the best backup solution for your home and this is the reason why.

Batteries give you the power to store any unused energy generated during the day so you can use it in the evening. No need to export your surplus solar generation into the grid, store it and gain full energy access.

Battery backup ensures you have electricity available in the event of a power outage or blackout. Those nominated circuits will continue to power the essential appliances. Some lighting, a powerpoint or two, and the fridge-freezer will continue to function and operate uninterrupted.

We boast several brands of batteries, each one capable of meeting your storage needs. They are an investment in your home and lifestyle and we will help to assist you in making the right choice.

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Off Grid

Being energy independent has never been the same. Off Grid means that you are not connected to the electricity grid, with your solar being a stand-alone energy system.

Going Off Grid Solar means you will avoid network power costs and consequences of electricity outages (the battery-storage capability). Independent energy achieved from solar and battery-storage provides the flexibility that allows you to manage your electricity supply and demand.

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40.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 Storage System, Flanagan Road, Applecross


McDonald’s Lakelands was a long time in the making with extensive consultation and liaison with multiple stakeholders.

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13.6kW Solar System & 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery, North Coogee

North Coogee

It is estimated the homeowner can save around $3,900 on electricity per year.

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40kWp Commercial Solar 50 Oxford Road, West Leederville

West Leederville

This multi-story and tenanted, commercial strata-titled property had it all in terms of challenges.

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29.6kW Solar System & 45kWh Huawei Battery, Peppermint Grove

Peppermint Grove

We were approached by the homeowner Wei during the building process.

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13.6kW Solar System & 15kWh Huawei Battery, Piara Waters

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13.2kW Solar System & 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery, City Beach

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7.35kW Solar System & 9.8kWh LG Chem RESU HV Battery, North Perth

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17.5kW Solar System & 30kWh Huawei Battery & Myenergi Zappi EV Charger, Balcatta

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14kW Off Grid Solar System & 18kWh GenZ Battery & Generator, Mahogany Creek

Mahogany Creek

Ian and Sally decided to construct their home as energy self-sufficient and independent from day 0.

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14.4kW Solar System & 10kWh Huawei Battery, Floreat


It is estimated Wei can save just over $4,000 per year on power bills.

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Complete Solar System Solutions For Your Home

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Empower Solar Australia is one of the most reputable solar companies in the country when it comes to residential solar solutions.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and simple way to reduce your electricity bills and set yourself up for the next 25 years, then solar is the way.

It can be very confusing knowing what solar system you should purchase but that is why we are here, to make it easy for you. We take the time to ensure you speak with one of our solar consultants. We will analyse your bills, roof space and reveal what solar system would work for you. We keep you informed and engaged throughout the entire process.

Once you’re happy with everything you get to sit back and relax while our team works day to day to get your system installed and set up just the way you wanted.

Empower Solar Australia appreciates how new technology is enhancing renewable energy products and options for your home. With competitive prices and industry-best warranties, we are a total, solar provider.

What We Offer

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Top quality installation with 5 years workmanship warranty

Our high-grade products are so reliable so we provide our customers with a 5-year workmanship warranty and lifetime customer services support. So you will always be looked after.

Quality Solar Panels

We only use Tier 1 Solar Panel Brands approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). We install an extensive range of popular and in-demand brands, ensuring our customers never get left in the dark with sub-standard and poor-performing panels.

On-Demand Customisation

Receive tailor-made renewable energy solutions to your home or business. No job too big or small. With retrofit Battery options and hassle-free installations, look no further; we’ve got your back.

Skilled Engineers & Installers

With In-House engineers and installers, our teams have installed over 5000 solar & battery systems. Along with the ability to provide Off-Grid options with our in-house engineers, we leave no stone unturned when providing you with precisely what you need.

Cost Effective Installation

You shall receive high-performing products with a strong reputation in the Australian market. This cost-effective solution to going green and saving money will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Time Bound Delivery

Our punctuality and professionalism are observable from day one. We readily adapt to your needs, ensuring flexibility with your installation date as we know life sometimes gets in the way. Our attention to detail means fewer issues before, during or after installation.

$0 Upfront Cost Low-Interest Green Loan or Chattel Mortgage Finance

Empower Solar Australia works closely with finance providers who will source and secure finance for your renewable energy system, including commercial solar. A financial assessment is conducted and an application for finance is then completed and submitted; why not let the savings generated from solar pay off the loan.

Long Warranty. Lifetime Support

Along with offering the highest product warranties in the Solar industry, we maintain the most sought-after reputation in the state for our around-the-clock customer service and aftercare.

Partner With Us

Empower Solar Australia strives to give customers the best experience when it comes to solar solutions. We will ensure your experience with us is not only enjoyable but worthwhile.

Every person’s energy usage is different so we arrange an obligation-free site inspection and then design a solar solution that best suits you and your family’s needs.

We want to be transparent and will provide you with regular updates, commencing with the initial quotation and extending all the way to the installation and the ongoing aftercare.

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