Ian and Sally are a semi-retired couple who are building their dream home on a lifestyle block in the Perth Hills. Living on the fringe of the city and surrounded by trees, unplanned power outages caused by strong winds or bush fires can be a hazard and need to be considered and planned for.

Hence Ian and Sally decided to construct their home as an energy-self-sufficient and independent property from day one.

The property will not be connected to the electricity grid and there are to be a further two, maybe three dwellings to be constructed on this lot over the next several years; a stage-by-stage plan is recommended to suit the customer’s requirements:

Stage One: Upon completion of Shed and Granny flat

14kW solar system with 36x JA Solar DeepBlue 2.0 390W mono perc half-cell solar panels

  • 2x Fronius Primo 6kW inverters
  • Providing a maximum solar power output of 12kW
  • 1x Selectronic SPMC PRO 7.5kW
  • 6x stacks of 3kWh GenZ 48V lithium battery storage, in a dedicated battery cabinet that can easily expand the battery capacity up to 60kWh
  • 1x 13kVA Diesel Generator on auto start as backup source
  • 1x 36pole main switchboard with 2x 15A GPOs


This setup prioritising the roof top solar section to take full advantage of higher solar rebates and avoid the possible complications of availability of solar inverters in the future.

A 13kVA Generator will supplement Ian and Sally’s power supply even during the coldest and darker days of winter, while an 18kWh GenZ battery stack is capable of supporting the couple’s existing night time usage.