Vasilis and Georgia are a retired couple, have recently purchased an EQA250 – a fully electric Mercedes Benz. Have a large double-story home in Balcatta, which is going to be their forever home and wanted to have the luxury of using electricity they wanted. With the addition of the new EV to the family, they realised the new electricity bills could be costly.

Empower Solar Australia installed a 17.55kW solar system with 45x JA Solar DeepBlue 2.0 390W mono perc half-cell solar panels. 2x Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 5kW Three Phase Hybrid inverters, providing a maximum power output of 10kW. 2x stacks of 15kWh Huawei LUNA2000-15-S0 lithium battery storage, that can store a total of 30kWh of usable electricity. A backup function has also been added via the Huawei Backup Box B1, which provides power backup to the essential circuits when there is a power outage.

n order to allow the clients to maximum the EV charging benefits from excess solar power, we have provided a MyEnergi Zappi 22kW three-phase smart EV charger. This EV charger is able to read the power consumption at home and utilise the excess solar power to charge the electric EQA250 providing Vasilis and Georgia estimated electricity savings of $5,867 per year.

It is estimated Vasilis and Georgia can save around $5,867 on electricity per year.