39.7kW Solar System, Dalmain Primary School

published by Empower Solar Australia

Empower Solar Australia has recently completed the installation of a cutting-edge 39.7kW solar system at Dalmain Primary School, signaling a significant stride towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

The solar system brings substantial reductions in electricity costs, providing the school with long-term financial savings.

By harnessing solar power, Dalmain Primary School is actively reducing its carbon footprint, contributing to global sustainability efforts.

The solar installation serves as an educational tool, offering students firsthand experience with renewable energy and promoting environmental awareness.


The initiative sets an inspiring example for the local community, encouraging others to adopt clean energy practices.

Designed for durability and minimal maintenance, the solar system ensures a stable and consistent power supply for years to come.

Empower Solar Australia’s successful installation not only benefits Dalmain Primary School but also underscores the company’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.