North Morley Primary School partnered with Empower Solar Australia to install a state-of-the-art solar system. This initiative aims to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and educate students about renewable energy.

Empower Solar Australia, a renowned provider of solar energy solutions, successfully installed the tailored solar system at North Morley Primary School. Their expertise ensures efficient energy generation and reinforces the school’s sustainability goals.

The solar system offers several advantages, including environmental sustainability, cost savings, educational opportunities, and community engagement. It reduces the school’s carbon footprint, lowers electricity bills, provides hands-on learning experiences for students, and encourages community dialogue on clean energy.

Empower Solar Australia’s installation of a solar system at North Morley Primary School, supported by the Clean Energy Technology Fund, exemplifies collaborative efforts in promoting sustainable change. This milestone initiative sets an inspiring example for other schools and communities to embrace renewable energy solutions for a greener future.