There are many types of packages and plans available for solar energy. You should choose the best suitable package after considering solar companies Perth based on your energy needs.

Residential Solar Panel Perth Packages

When every component needed in solar panel installation is managed and utilized for energy generation, it is called a residential solar panel. These installations are generally affordable and used for generating solar energy on a small scale.

If we talk about the installation for residential needs, it includes plate installation, getting government permits, and managing to meet your energy needs. Moreover, a good package also includes a warranty and maintenance. Getting a good package for your energy needs is a complex process but once you get a quality package, it is very easy to meet your energy needs.

Packages for residential solar needs can be calculated based on many factors. If you are looking for the most affordable and quality solutions, then you should know what you need for your property. You need to count things like solar panels, hardware, inverters, batteries, and maintenance expenses. Here are some solar panel packages in Perth that you can consider and get installed for your needs at affordable rates:

6.6 kW Residential Solar Package in Perth

The 6.6 kW solar panels are an excellent choice available for residential solar energy needs if you are thinking of installing solar panels. It is an ideal option for small residential energy needs. These packages can fulfill basic energy needs. With this, you can produce around 26 kWh of energy if there is enough sunlight, which is very common in Perth.

This type of package has wiring and batteries with solar installation and you can easily get the energy for your residential needs. There is also a warranty included with this and you should go for this if your property has limited space for plate placement and installment.

8 kW Residential Solar Panel Package in Perth

If your energy needs are more than 30 kWh, the best option to go for is the 8kW package. This solar installation package can provide more energy than 6.6 kW and it can produce around 30 to 35 kWh per day.

This can solve your energy need issue if you have a large residential property. If you have a high demand with space for around 30 solar panels, this is the best option. The package for 8 kW panels also has an inverter, wiring, maintenance, and warranty included, but you should confirm it with your installers.

10 kW Residential Solar Panel Perth Package

There is no better option if you want to install solar panels and utilize renewable energy for your home energy needs. The best solution is to go with the 10 kW residential solar panel package as it is the single most powerful option available for any energy need related to your home.

This can be used to generate energy of 40 to 46 kW per day in Perth. The package of 10 kW includes all the wiring, a limited-time warranty, and maintenance. It is best to consult the solar installation team before getting it for your energy needs. This type of panel can fulfill the electricity needs of a large house.

Why You Should Get Solar Panel for Your Home

If you are a Perth resident and want to install a residential solar panel system for your home’s energy needs, you should think carefully and make a smart choice for the same. By generating your power from the sun, you can save on bills and level up the value of your property.

  • You can earn money by sending the excess energy back to the grid.
  • You can save on energy bills with the help of solar panel installation for your residential needs in Perth.
  • Solar helps you reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and you can help the planet cope with climate change with this type of energy.
  • With solar panel installation, you can increase the value of the home property and it is a great aspect for long-term investment.

Get the Best Solar Package for Your Energy Needs

If you are looking for solar panel installation for your energy needs, there is no better option than going for the best solar panel company in Australia, ESA. Our experts can help you get the best panel after a detailed analysis so you can know which solar package is best for you in the range of residential packages.


With choosing solar for your household energy needs, it is easier than ever to go energy independent. Moreover, if you make more energy, you can send it back to the grid. It gives you a bright picture of your energy needs. If you want quality solar solutions, just contact ESA expert installers.