If you are a small business in Perth, it can be easy for you to manage your energy bills when you utilize solar panels. As Australia is choosing renewable energy adoption, it is evident that it will soon reach every business. The best thing is to become the frontrunner and get it before your competition does.

How much energy will Commercial Solar Panels in Perth produce?

Solar panels in Perth can be a great choice for energy needs. Although the energy generated can depend on several factors, it is the best investment to make in the cost-cutting part. Factors like system size, panel efficiency, roof orientation, and sunshine hours are the primary things in this regard. 

With around 5 to 6 hours of sunlight time, Perth is an ideal location in Australia. If we talk about numbers, a 10 kW system can generate 12000 to 20000 kWh of electricity every year. It is enough to power a small business in any industry.

If you want to utilize a more powerful commercial solar system installation in Perth than that, it can help you even further. Upgrading to a 20kW system could easily double your output of energy generated. You can use the energy for your business as per your needs and send the rest back to the grid and earn credits.

How does solar energy help small businesses in Perth?

Solar energy is the main reason behind cost-cutting in energy bills for many organizations across Australia, especially in Perth. Here are some of the ways solar energy can help every scale of business:

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Installing solar panel systems can be helpful for small businesses to generate clean and cost-effective electricity. With the quality of sunshine, businesses in Perth can significantly reduce energy costs and at the same time, contribute to environmental sustainability.

EV Charging

The number of EVs in Perth is increasing and with this, the growing popularity of electric vehicle charging stations. It is an incredible way to attract customers from everywhere in Perth. For commercial growth, you can incorporate charging points and ensure trouble-free motoring. Using the Zappi EV Charger for residential and business customers is the best choice to make in this regard.

Solar Batteries

If you want to maximize the use of solar in every condition, it is best to use solar batteries. With this, you can enhance energy resilience with battery solutions. These systems store surplus solar energy that you can not use even at full capacity. It is a reliable power source and can be used during periods of low sunlight or grid outages. For businesses in Perth, this ensures continuous operation and reduces dependence on conventional grid power.

How can solar energy help businesses and companies financially?

There are many ways how you, as a small business owner can help your business with energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of using solar energy for businesses:

  • By generating their electricity from solar panels, businesses can reduce their dependence on grid power. It can lead to cost savings on electricity bills.
  • The Perth government offers incentives and rebates to businesses that invest in solar energy. These financial incentives help offset the initial costs of installing solar panels, making the transition more economically viable.
  • Solar energy allows businesses to lock in a fixed and predictable energy cost over the long term. In Perth, it is worth having solar panels no matter what.
  • While there is an initial investment in solar infrastructure and installation, businesses get a positive return on investment over time as they generate their own electricity and reduce energy expenses.
  • Businesses with solar installations and energy storage systems gain a level of independence from the grid. 
  • Solar installations can enhance the value of commercial properties. Businesses with solar panels may find their properties more attractive and it can make them more profits in the long run.

Commercial solar system pricing in Perth Western Australia

Commercial solar system pricing in Perth can vary as it depends on a number of factors, including the size of the system, the type of equipment used, and the installer team. However, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000 per kilowatt (kW) of installed capacity. It is important to get quotes from multiple installers before you make a decision. This will help you to compare prices and find the best deal. It mostly depends on the system’s capacity. Here is the basic overview of costing:

  • 5 kW system: $25,000 to $37,500
  • 10 kW system: $50,000 to $75,000
  • 20 kW system: $100,000 to $150,000

Hire Experienced Solar Panel Installation Team

If you want a skilled and experienced team that has worked on every capacity of solar panels, under any situation, the ESA team of Perth can be your go-to partner. You can easily get your solar installation done in your budget. It is a great way to ensure you get the best result with an ROI-first approach and we ensure you get rebates as well. Want to know how? Contact our experts now and get your commercial solar installation Perth done in a very short time.