If you are a resident of Perth and want to get a reliable partner for your energy needs, you have plenty of options. You can find partners that can install the panels for your commercial and residential solar needs like if you need a 6.6kW solar system, or a 10 KW solar system.

Tips to Find a Solar Panel Installer in Perth

There are many considerations to make before opting for solar installers, here, we are helping you with the essential ones.

Choose an Installer With a Local Presence

For your solar needs, you should choose a local name that has good knowledge about the weather conditions of Perth. Even though weather conditions are similar in every part of Australia, it is best to choose a name that helps with local installers and have a team in the area.

Check Ratings

You should check the ratings and reviews from previous customers. It will give you a basic idea about the work and expertise of the installation team. You can also go through testimonials and finalize a solar installer in Perth for your commercial or residential needs.

Match Your Needs

Some solar installation companies in Perth, Australia offer services for residential needs. You need to ensure the team can meet your needs and offer the services that you need. Whether you need residential or commercial solar panel installation in Perth, it should have what you need.

Check For Warranty

Solar Panel installation in Perth is undeniably not a one-time investment. You need to manage the maintenance to ensure peak performance at all times. There can be any issues with solar panels and to avoid any additional costs, you should choose installers that offer warranty. This will help you ensure the longevity of the panels and the reliability of the installers.

Check Legal Documents

For choosing a reliable solar partner for your panel installation needs, you should ask for legal documents from the installers. If they are certified and have all the legal documents ready, you can consider them. To protect customer rights, the Australian solar industry has many accreditations. A company with accreditation from the Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC) can be a great choice to consider.

Quality of Solar Products

To get the best value on investment for solar panels in Australia, you need to check the quality of the solar products. With this, you will get the best performance and achieve longevity. Products from the best manufacturers can ensure this and all the reliable names in the solar industry use products from them.

Offers Multiple Payment Options

You need to choose a company that offers multiple payment options. If a company is offering EMI options, they are good to go. With this, you can manage your finances and get solar installation for your property. It can help you reduce time to installation as well.

Offers Site Assessment and Customization

Every reliable company for solar installation in Perth offers site assessment before installation. You should ask for it in case they are not offering it. In case they are not ready for a free site assessment, you should avoid the company. With site assessment, you can customize the installation and achieve maximum value within your budget.

Rebates and Incentives

The government is promoting green energy and helping the boom in the solar energy industry in Australia. You should choose a company that offers help with availing rebates from the government and local authorities. It can help you get solar installation within your budget. Moreover, you should pre-inquire about the rebates from the solar installation company Perth.


Solar power systems Perth are a huge investment to make. You should have proper communication with the installers. When a solar installation company has effective communication channels, you can connect with them anytime and have your issues resolved quickly. It is very necessary post-installation. When there are any issues with performance or maintenance, you should have a number ready to call. Post-installation support is a great way to pick a reliable partner for solar installation in Perth.

Installation Time

Once you have submitted your requirements, the company needs to act faster and get the installation done in a short span of time. You can check their previous record and choose the company based on that. It is a great way to ensure you get solar installation from a reliable team.

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