How Much Power Do Solar Panels Produce in Perth?

Solar energy is really a great help in Perth. As electricity generation requires an abundance of sunlight and Perth has plenty of that. If you want to know how much power solar panels produce in Perth, you have to know about the panels installed. There are many factors that can affect the overall production of solar energy.

The size, efficiency, orientation, etc. are some of the main elements they consider. It also depends on the weather conditions and the shading of the roop as inclination also matters. If we talk about the 5kW solar system, around 20 to 25 kWh of electricity can be generated in the Perth location in WA. If you have a small household, it is better to install a 5 kW solar installation.

How Much Energy Does My Home Use?

If we talk about the average household in Perth, 20 kWh is enough to fulfill and supply electricity needs. It is not particularity that for every household as the size and requirement can vary for every household. There is no certain limit but if you have a small family and your energy needs are limited, you can ensure that you need around 20 kWh of energy.

Government Rebates for Solar Panel Perth Customers

When you want to install solar panels in Perth, the government can help. It can be a great support considering the fact that solar is the future and is being adopted by many households in Perth. With this, homeowners receive a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate of up to $1,600 per kW of solar panels installed.


Solar Panel Size (kW) STCs Estimated Rebate (in Dollars)
3.7 kW 41 1500
5 kW 57 2000
6.6 kW 73 2500
10.3 kW 115 4000
13.2 kW 147 5500


These rebates can vary based on the panel quality and time of the schemes. You can contact ESA experts for rebates or contact government websites for the same. It is better to get help from experts for your residential solar panels Perth as this process can help you with rebates without any hassle.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Perth?

If we talk about the cost of installing solar panels in Perth, we can say that it dropped in recent times. With government schemes and competition in the sector, the cost is getting cheaper and adoption is on the rise. There are many companies like ESA so you can get solar installation for your residential needs without investing heavily. 

The cost of installing solar has become more affordable for homeowners in Perth than ever. If you deduct the government rebates and schemes, you can get the cost at around 5000 dollars to 8000 dollars for a solar panel system of capacity 5kW. It is the best for a small home but when you choose the bigger panel, the cost grows. Moreover, if you want to save money with it, you can do that as well.

What is the Financial Return for Solar Panels in Perth?

When you are supporting society and the nation with renewable energy sources, you can expect the best version of Perth when it comes to power output. Solar energy gives a quality return on investment for your needs. Whether you need a small-scale solar system or a huge one for your residential property, energy savings are a great help.

You can not only become energy-independent and cut electricity costs but also earn money. Yes, it is possible to send extra electricity back to the grid. A solar system has an average running age of 7 years, so you can save big with a one-time investment.

Empower Solar Australia Can Help You Compare Solar Quotes in Perth

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Empower Solar is a trusted solar provider in Perth, offering a wide range of solar panel systems and services. We can help you compare solar quotes from Perth’s leading installers, ensuring you get the best possible price and quality for your investment. We not only use quality materials but help you get government rebates as soon as possible. Contact ESA today to explore your residential solar panel installation options and start saving on energy costs.