Ways to Save Energy With Solar Installation

As solar is emerging as a key player in the power and energy industry, you should get it before it is too late. Now is the best time, when even the government is helping you with the rebates and discounts. If you want to know how the two ways are energy consumption and feed-in tariffs, we have your back.

1. Solar energy consumption

When you use solar energy for your business or household needs, it is evident that you need to have less expensive panels. You should have enough panels to meet the supply and you can get electricity for your property. With this, you can save money in Perth.

2. Feed-in tariffs

When you have a solar panel installed that has more capabilities than your needs, you can generate more energy. With extra electricity produced, you can earn money from solar feed-in tariffs. It is possible to send extra generated energy to the tariff and get money per unit. The rate of the unit can be different but it will always be greater to achieve better ROI.

How Much Electricity Does My Home Use?

The majority of the solar users in Perth are families and use solar for their daily electricity needs. If we talk about the average throughout the year, it can be around 25 kWh of energy consumed per day. For your needs, it can vary and you can use it for your commercial and residential needs. It can help you save more than 30% on your energy bills.

Government Rebates for Solar Panel Perth Customers

Under the federal government of Perth’s small-scale technology certificate (STC) program, businesses are benefiting a lot. Many households and businesses in Perth installing solar systems up to 100kW can get these rebates. This incentive can work as an upfront discount that you can use to get help with installation. According to reports, the average cost for a 6.6kW solar panel installation in Perth is somewhere around $6000 after the deduction of the STC rebate.

The overall discount of installing solar panels depends on many factors. Property location, size of the system, and solar installation Perth experts are some of the crucial things in this regard. If you choose a certified partner for your solar installation needs, you can claim the incentive from them. They can help you get the rebates and some companies even charge the final installment after you get the rebate amount. In Perth, WA, the rebate offered is around 30% of the overall cost of the solar panel installation.

Battery Adoption in Perth for Reducing Energy Bills

Perth’s energy prices are among the highest in Australia because of factors like the city’s reliance on natural gas for electricity generation. With this, the high cost of transporting electricity to the region is also a factor. By storing excess solar energy during the day, you can reduce their reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bills.

TOU tariffs to reward battery storage

Time of Use (TOU) tariffs are becoming increasingly popular in Perth. These tariffs charge different rates for electricity depending on the time of day. When the electricity prices are higher during peak hours like in the morning and evening, it has different rates and during off-peak hours like at night and on weekends, it has different rates.

TOU tariffs are used to give property owners to use more electricity during off-peak hours when it is cheaper. It is a great benefit of solar battery storage as you can use stored solar energy during peak hours when grid prices are highest.

A Perfect Storm for Solar Battery Adoption

As Perth has the availability of TOU tariffs, it creates an opportunity for you to adopt solar batteries. You can use this to maximize the usage of solar adoption. It can also help with reducing the reliance on the grid and lower their electricity bills.

As solar battery technology is growing, it is also becoming more affordable. With this, Perth is emerging as a leader in solar battery adoption. The benefits of solar batteries are clear, and Perth residents are increasingly recognizing the potential to save money and reduce their environmental impacts.

Reduce Your Energy With Expert-led Solar Panel Installation

Whether it is in Perth or any other part of Australia, the number of solar adoption is increasing. As more consumers are focused on electricity generation this way, it is evident that you need to choose this as soon as possible.

We have a rich experience in helping many customers with installing commercial and residential solar panels Perth. You should choose us as a partner and we will get everything sorted just the way you like. Our experts are skilled and work with your preferred approach after analyzing your property. Want to know more? Contact our experts and know how!