R5 Series SAJ-R5-5K-T2
The inverters from SAJ come with free access to their monitoring platform

Solar customers can access real-time monitoring, remote configuration, and email notifications through the SAJ eSolar Web Portal. This usefulness are currently normal spot across most inverter producers

key features
Lightning Protection

High-precision leakage monitoring

Die-Casting Case Cover

Beautiful & reliable

Low Standby Consumption

High efficiency, high yield

Bluetooth APP connection

All data in real-time

Remote Maintenance

Remote Configuration

Quiet generation

No noise pollution

Intelligent & Grid-Friendly

Active response to grid dispatch


Max .PV Array Power [Wp] @ STC: 7500
Max. DC Voltage [V]: 600
MPPT Voltage range [V]: 160~550
Nominal DC Voltage[V]: 480
Start Voltage [V]: 180
Min. DC Voltage[V]: 150
Max. DC Input Current PV1/PV2 [A]: 12.5/12.5
Number of DC Connection Sets per MPPT: 1/1
Rated AC Power[W]: 5000
Max. AC Power[VA]: 5500
Rated AC Current [A]: 7.3
Max. AC Current [A]: 8.4
Nominal AC voltage/ range[V]: 220/380, 230/400, 240/415; 180-280/312-485
Grid frequency/ range[Hz]: 50, 60/45-55, 55-65
Power factor[cos φ]: 0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion [THDi]: <2%(at nominal power)
Feed-in: 3L+N+PE
Max. Effciency: 98.3%
Euro Effciency: 98.0%
Dimensions[H*W*D][mm]: 429*418*177
Weight: 19kg
Cooling method: Natural Convection
Ingress Protection: IP65