Vertex S - SOL-T415-N
High-quality options for residential solar panels

Trina Solar provides two high-quality options for residential solar panels with outputs ranging from 310 to 380 watts. These panels are highly efficient, ranging from 19.9 percent to 20.6 percent, giving you more power per panel. With a 25-year product and performance warranty, you can rely on Trina.

key features
Small in Size, Big on Power

Up to 420W, 21.7% module efficiency with high density interconnect technology.

Dual-Glass Design

More secure and sustainable – Upgraded dual glass of Vertex S, less prone to micro-cracks and
scratches on the back during installation

Ultra-low Degradation

Longer warranty, higher output – First-year degradation 1% and annual degradation at 0.4%

Universal Solution for Residential and C&I Rooftops

Easy for integration, designed for compatibility with existing mainstream inverters and diverse mounting systems.


Peak Power Watts-PMAX (Wp)*: 415
Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V): 36.0
Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A): 11.52
Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V): 42.7
Short Circuit Current-ISC (A): 12.27
Module efficiency: 21.4
Solar Cells: Monocrystalline
Number of cells: 120
Module dimensions: 1770×1096×30 mm (69.06×43.15×1.18 inches)
Weight:21.5 kg (47.4lb)
Front Glass:1.6 mm (0.06 inches), High Transmission, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
Encapsulant material: EVA/POE
Back Glass: 1.6mm(0.06 inches), Heat Strengthened Glass
Frame: 30mm (0.06 inches) Anodized Aluminium Alloy, Black
J box: IP 68 rated
Cables: Portrait: 280/280 mm(11.02/11.02 inches)
Length can be customized
Connector: Staubli MC4 EVO2 / TS4
Maximum Power-PMAX (Wp): 316
Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V): 33.6
Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A): 9.40
Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V): 40.5
Short Circuit Current-ISC (A): 9.89