Znshine Dual Glass 415W
The company's double glass panels have a 15 year product warranty and 30 year performance warranty.

Founded in 1988, ZNShine Solar is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech PV modules. With advanced production line, the company has module 6GW capacity. Bloomberg has listed ZNShine as a global Tier 1 PV module manufacturer.

key features
Higher Power Output

Multi-busbar half-cell technology allows this module to generate more power under the same conditions.


A globally trusted Tier 1 brand with independently certified, state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

Consistent and Lasting Panel Quality

Guaranteed reliability with the most stringent QA regime far exceeds certification requirements

Fit for Harsh Environment

Certified to withstand the most demanding environments including:
high humidity, salinity and ammonia, sand and heat


Module Type: ZXM7-SHLD108
No. of Cells: 108 (6 × 18)
Dimensions: 1722 x 1133 x 30mm (with frame)
Weight: 21.5±1.5 kg
Glass: High Transmission, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
Nominal Power Watt Pmax: 415W
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp(V): 31.50
Maximum Power Current Imp(A): 13.18
Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V)(±3%): 37.70
Short Circuit Current Isc(A)(±3%): 13.91
Module Efficiency (%): 21.25
Maximum Power Pmax(Wp): 310.10
Maximum Power Voltage Vmpp(V): 29.30
Maximum Power Current Impp(A): 10.59
Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V): 35.20
Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 11.23