Zappi 7kW
Extra green energy production

The ability of the Zappi charger to make use of any extra green energy produced by your household is its greatest advantage. Most of the time, the solar or wind energy that your family doesn’t use is sent to the grid and distributed to other homes.

key features
3 Charging Modes

Eco and fast

Works With Solar PV

Wind Turbine Systems

Programmable Timer Function

Choose when to charge your EV

Charge & Event Logging

Keep track on your charging and log your data

A Future Proof Installation

Future proof your home and your EV


Mounting Location: Indoor or Outdoor (permanent mounting)
Charging: Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1 compliant communication protocol
Display: Graphical backlit LCD
Front: LED Multicolour, according to charge status and current
Charging Current: 6A to 32A (variable)
Dynamic Load Balancing: Optional setting to limit current drawn from the unit supply or the grid
Connector Type: Type 2 tethered cable (6.5m) or type 2 socket with locking system
Charging Profile: 3 charging modes: ECO, ECO+ & FAST
Compliance: LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU, EN 62196, EN 62955:2018 CE certified
Rated Power: 7kW
Rated Supply Voltage: 230V AC Single Phase
Supply Frequency: 50 Hz
Rated Current: 32A max
Standby Power Consumption: 3W
Integral Earth Leakage Protection: 30mA Type A RCD (EN 61008) + 6mA DC protection (EN 62955)
Economy Tariff Sense: Input 230V AC sensing (4.0kV isolated)
Wireless Interface: 868 MHz (proprietary protocol) for wireless sensor & remote monitoring options
Grid Current Sensor: 100A max. primary current, 16mm max. cable diameter
Cable Entry: Rear, bottom or side
Enclosure Dimensions: 439 x 282 x 122mm
Protection Degree: IP65 (weatherproof)
Enclosure Material: ASA
Operating Temperature: 25°C to +40°C
Circuit Breaker: 32A Curve B
Earthing Arrangement: TN : can be connected to the PME supply. Complies with BS7671:2018-amd1:2020 722.411.4.1 (v)
TT : earth resistance < 200 Ω according to BS 7671:2018, or < 100 Ω for some vehicles"