Sun has blessed Australia as it is an area with the most sunlight throughout the year. For this, the government is also helping by providing rebates and commissions on solar installations. Rebates and commissions are a big factor in the boom of solar energy in the region.

Factors That Can Affect Incentives in Perth

The local authority and government can change the rebates rules anytime, so you need to check that on the official website. Subsidies and rebates can also be affected by the factor of how much it can affect carbon emissions.

Moreover, you need to be eligible for solar rebates in Perth. If you want to know how you can get government rebates in Perth, you need to consider some factors such as:

  • Solar panel size is one of the biggest factors in commission or rebates. If you are planning to install a larger system with high capacity, you can get higher rebates.
  • For rebates, the time of installation can also matter. When everyone is installing solar panels, the rebates get slightly lower than the times when there are few installations.
  • Everything matters when it comes to solar panel installation. If you are considering installation and worried about how to get it and what are the best solar companies near me, you should be, as it can affect your overall rebates. The company providing solar panel installation services should be accredited by the local authorities for this.
  • When installing solar panels, the type of solar panels and manufacturing standards also count. Some types of solar panels are eligible for higher rebates so it is better to go for those.

How to Claim Solar Rebates in Perth, WA

Here is a complete step-by-step guide if you want to claim WA solar rebates for your installation:

  • You need to contact a CEC-accredited solar company like ESA to get the best solutions and rebate plans.
  • The company will install solar plates and connect them to the grid for energy consumption transparency.
  • The company will get the rebate on behalf of you and you can get it from them.

Moreover, you can also apply by filling out a form on the REC website and claiming the rebates in easy steps.

How Much You Can Get with Solar Rebates in Perth

The rebates and commissions on solar energy can be a huge relief if you are looking to install solar panels for your energy needs with solar companies Perth. No matter if you are looking for a residential or commercial property, rebates from the government can always help.

calculate solar rebates in Perth

Solar rebates can fluctuate daily based on government rules and the time of installation. Here is a formula to calculate rebates for heavy commercial or affordable residential solar panel packages in Perth:

Array Combined Watts (Standard Test Conditions) x 1.382 x the current Small Technology Certificate multiplier of 8 years / 1000. 

The answer from this formula is the highest number of small technology certificates eligible for the installation of solar on your property. The solar rebate can fluctuate daily as a traded good to offset carbon emissions while depreciating in annual blocks for the next eight years.

Example of rebates with a solar company in Australia

For example, if you are looking to install an 8 kW solar panel, here are your possible rebates:

Solar Array Combined Watts (8000) x 1.382 x 8 (according to the certificate) / 1000. 

With this, we will get the resulting number, which is the maximum number of STCs eligible.

(8000x 1.382) x 8 / 1000 = 88

So for an 8 kW solar panel, the Small Technology Certificates (STCs) are 88. The current market value of rebates is USD 38. Multiplying these two will give you the answer you want.

88 STCs x $38 = $3344.

So you will get $3344 in rebates in Perth with an 8 kW installation for your energy needs.

Get Commissioned Prices on Solar Panel Installation in Perth

Rebates can reduce the amount of solar energy installation and management, and you can get the renewable solar energy option at the best price possible. With local government rebates and complete customized panel installations, we also offer commissions.

If you want to get solar panels for your property and want to save with the help of rebates and commissions, you should get in contact with our experts right away. We are a government-approved, Australia-owned and operated solar panel installation company providing our services in your city.