Encharge 10
Why choose the Enphase battery?

Enphase, which was established in 2006, revolutionised the solar industry

key features

Proven high-reliability IQ Series Microinverters


Grid-forming capability for backup operation


Fully integrated AC battery system


Battery safety tested


OUTPUT (AC) @ 240 VAC¹
Rated (continuous) output power² 3.84 kVA
Peak output power 5.7 kVA (10 seconds)
Nominal voltage / range 240 / 211 — 264 VAC
Nominal frequency / range 60 / 57 — 61 Hz
Rated output current 16 A
Power factor (adjustable) 0.85 leading ... 0.85 lagging
Maximum units per 20 A branch circuit 1 unit (single phase)
Interconnection single-phase
Round trip efficiency² 89%
Total capacity 10.5 kWh
Usable capacity 10.08 kWh
Round trip efficiency 96%
Maximum DC voltage 73.5 V
Ambient operating temperature range -15º C to 55º C (5º F to 131º F) non-condensing
Optimum operating temperature range 0º C to 30º C (32º F to 86º F)
Chemistry Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1070 mm x 664 mm x 319 mm (42.13 in x 26.14 in x 12.56 in)