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Take a significant step toward electricity independence

You can store solar panel energy and use it at any time with the SENEC battery storage system. The battery system can be installed with a new solar PV system or retrofitted to an existing solar PV system because it is compatible with all solar PV brands, regardless of the manufacturer.

key features

Saves the unit when lightning strikes the PV panels.

Integrated RCMU

Customer integrated RCMU (detects AC and DC residual currents).

Hybrid Inverter

Combined PV Inverter and Battery Inverter valued $3,000 AUD


Dimensions: 1.175mm(H) x 530mm (W) x 406mm (D)
Total Weight: 80kg
Battery module weight: 34.5kg per battery module
Compatible Grid Type: TN/TN-C/TN-S/TT systems
Operating ambient temperature: 5 °C – 40 °C (10 °C – 25 °C optimal)
Relative Humidity: 10 % – 85 % (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature: Case: -20 °C – 50 °C
Battery Module: -10 °C – 40 °C
by a relative humidity of 45 % – 85 %
Ingress Protection: IP30
Backup Power Mode*(Automatic & Islanding): 1500W
Max. Hybrid Power**: 8,000 W
Max. Power Output AC: 5,000 W
Max. PV Input Voltage (DC): 600 V
Number of MPP Inputs: 2
Max. Efficiency: 97.4 %
Max. PV input current DC (per MPP): 20 A
Max. PV short-circuit current DC (per MPP): 23 A
MPP Voltage Range: 75 - 600 V
Low Voltage Battery (DC): 44.8 V – 58.1 V