Air to Energy 180L Heat Pump Hot Water System
The iStore saves two-thirds on hot water heating costs

When compared to conventional electric or gas storage systems, the iStore saves two-thirds on hot water heating costs.

key features
Make the most of your solar PV system

Time your hot water system to work with your solar system


Use your hot water system correctly and it is the most cost-effective energy storage solution on the market


Good value, efficient, and easy to install

Generate hot water all year round

You wont have to worry about running out of hot water no matter the time of year


Height 1956 mm
Width: 540
Circumference: 583
Diameter 540 mm
Height to water inlet 60 mm
Height to water outlet 1240 mm
Hot water condensation
Height to PTR valve
Height to anode 1140 mm
Net weight (empty) 93 kg
Cylinder 5 years
Refrigeration & electrical 2 years