HP170 Heat Pump Hot Water System
The tank-wrapped condenser coil of the Midea heat pump can achieve an average COP of 3 to 5

This not only makes heat transfer extremely effective, but it is also one of the cleanest ways to avoid water contamination.

key features
Modern & Stylish

A stylish slimline single piece unit incorporates a top-mounted compressor with compact footprint

Cost-Effective StorageHandy Controller

Providing intuitive operation & helpful functions such as temp setting, timer & safety lock

Highly Efficient

Produces significantly more heat energy than the power input; saving on purchased energy

Built-in Frost Protection

Protecting the condenser from icing for complete
peace of mind


Heat Pump Model HP170
Nominal volume capacity (L) 170
Voltage / Hz / Phase 220-240 / 50 / 1
Element input power (W) 2150
Heating capacity - Heat Pump Only (W) 1500
Max water temperature (°C) 65
Max rated input power (W) / current (A) 2780 / 12.1
Relief valve pressure (kPa) 1000
Noise level (dBA) 48
Net Weight (kg) 90
Pipe connection diameter (mm) DN20
Cylinder Type Vitreous Enamel
Outdoor resistance class IP24
Operating Mode Function Manual
Refrigerant type/quantity R134a / 0.8kg