HP280 Heat Pump Hot Water System
The tank-wrapped condenser coil of the Midea heat pump can achieve an average COP of 3 to 5

This not only makes heat transfer extremely effective, but it is also one of the cleanest ways to avoid water contamination.

key features
Modern & Stylish

A stylish slimline single piece unit incorporates a top-mounted compressor with compact footprint

Handy Controller

Providing intuitive operation & helpful functions such as temp setting, timer & safety lock

Highly Efficient

Produces significantly more heat energy than the power input; saving on purchased energy

Built-in Frost Protection

Protecting the condenser from icing for complete
peace of mind


Heat Pump Model HP280
Nominal volume capacity (L) 280
Voltage / Hz / Phase 220-240 / 50 / 1
Element input power (W) 3000
Heating capacity - Heat Pump Only (W) 2000
Max water temperature (°C) 60
Max rated input power (W) / current (A) 4000 / 17.3
Relief valve pressure (kPa) 1000
Noise level (dBA) 49
Net Weight (kg) 154
Pipe connection diameter (mm) DN20
Outdoor resistance class IP24
Operating Mode Function Manual
Refrigerant type/quantity R134a / 1.6kg